A few of my close friends choose a word annually to help them focus, a kind of loose resolution. The words are encouraging, challenging, and/or empowering. Selecting a word can influence your attitude towards your career, hobbies, family, and more. I’ve decided to take on my friends’ tradition, and my first word promises to filter into every aspect of my life.

For me, 2018 will be about writing with my whole heart!

Unique worlds swirl around in my mind daily, passionate characters fight to get their way in the story, and finding time to write is always an adventure. How can I channel all of the chaos into something positive and productive? How can I be wholehearted?

  • Devotion to being present.
  • Enthusiasm for every aspect of my day.
  • Unshakable determination to see each project to completion.

I’m excited to dive into 2018 WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

This year I’ll be working on two projects with Havenwood Falls, writing and releasing the second Cupids Chronicles book, as well as finishing my first Sweet Romance novel. I even have plans for audiobooks! And, believe me, if I have time I’ll write more.

It may feel like a lot now, but instead of approaching the new year overwhelmed I plan to embrace each project and love my way through them all. Distractions, negativity, and doubt won’t have a place in my writing, or in my life.

What word best describe how you want to conquer your year?