This weekend I was hanging out with some fantastic friends, new and old. I have been personally challenged to work through my fears and ‘seize the year’! I received encouragement from respected authors, learned more about the techniques authors use to write and promote their novels, and discussed the future of YA as a whole.

UtopYA is a…

“…convention for female authors of paranormal stories involving romance, dystopian futures, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, and demigods,(and everything in between), and the fans who love them.”

I spent most of my weekend moderating some intriguing and inspirational panels.  Each panel had thoughtful panelists, as well as an inquisitive audience.  We talked about everything from ‘Teens Writing for Teens’ to ‘Digital Marketing: Thinking Outside the Box’. I am really looking forward to next year, and you can reserve your spot through the month of July, and get a ‘First Contact’ ticket for a reduced price.

I know that UtopYACon will be putting pictures and video online soon, but until then I have some pictures below.

*I will make sure to add a link to UtopYA’s pictures once they’re posted!