PassionPassion is something that we all want in our lives. The word passion makes me think of thrilling and exhilarating things, like rollercoasters (I’m addicted and would ride them over and over if they’d let me) and first kisses. Passion isn’t bad, but it’s proven to be fleeting.  So, why would I want passion if it doesn’t last forever?

When we have passion for something or someone it compels us to pass everything else by so we can engross ourselves in what we’re passionate about. My most recent epiphany has been that the word pass in passion doesn’t simply refer to my discounting other things, but it also relates to how my passions have a tendency to pass me by.

So, why don’t our passions last?

  1. We get distracted, allowing something else to catch our eye.
  2. We let our emotions (highs & lows) dictate our commitment.
  3. What we are most passionate about is not mutually as passionate about us.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 6.41.13 PMPassion includes any compelling emotion. It can refer to love or hate. When we love something so much that we let our passion slip into infatuation, we allow that person or thing to absorb us. We become foolish.

This year I hope to approach things with more intellect (Not less heart, just more brains). While I love the idea of being passionate about what I’m doing, I think a new and less emotional approach is in order.

I’m aiming for dedication.

I want my time with my family to be set apart. I want to be devoted to the story I’m telling. And, I want to inscribe my personal signature on everything I dedicate myself to you. The biggest difference between passion and dedication is making a mental choice and not being led by feelings (physical or emotional).

Keeping the long road in sight and taking each turn, no matter the detour, leads to a happily ever after. Dedication is truly romantic and enchanting.

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