After completing my first novel, I have come to find that there are several more things still left to do in addition to writing the book!  One of the things that I am looking forward to is working with an artist on the book cover.  It’s got me thinking about what my favorite covers look like… And what my least favorite covers look like (I won’t share those… It’d just be mean)!

Here is a look at my Top 3 Favorite YA Book Covers…


The Infernal DevicesInfernalDevices

The time period references have a lot to do with why I love these covers so much!  I will admit that the pretty characters help too.  The covers really get the reader ready for the setting and the genre.  The covers also offer a small amount of mystery that prepares the reader for paranormal aspect of the story.

Grave Mercy


Grave Mercy is all about a strong woman, and this cover paints strength as beauty!  She’s not perfect, but that is a part of why the cover is perfect.


Graceling Graceling Harcourt for blogger

In a perfect world I would mesh these two covers into one!  I love the strong female on the cover of Graceling, and the fact that she’s not in a gown.  I also love the antique feel of the cover with the dagger, it alludes to a story that is timeless!

I’d love to know what your favorite YA covers are, and why!  Please share in the comments below… You know you want to!