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Inspiration hits me when I’m outdoors, while I listen to music, and after I’ve had an interesting conversation. Often, after being inspired, I make a note to myself to refer to later. Not often enough, the inspiration comes at the perfect time and I’m motivated to get something done right away. Why is it that motivation is so much harder to come by?

Motivate = to provide with a motive or motives; incite; impel.

So, while I should be impelled into a writing frenzy after listening to The Jingle Punk Hipster’s version of Daylight, I’m actually distracted by everything else going on in my life… Then, the inspiration falls between the couch cushions and is lost amongst lego pieces and dull pennies.


You read that right. I guess I just need a Chuck-Norris-Roundhouse-Kick to the head, and then maybe I’ll get enough motivation to write thousands of words every day, in addition to daily blog posts with videos. And, don’t forget the husband, kids, day job, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. “I am woman hear me roar!”

Honestly, it’s more like “Ugh!”

I believe motivation is key (for me) to getting, and staying, in a writing routine. In the past, I’ve been urged forward to complete assignments, attain goals, and even finish a novel. In hopes of getting motivated again, I’ll make a list of what has worked before. Maybe we’ll get Chuck-Norris-Drop-Kicked in the right direction.


Okay. I know this is a throwback answer, but think about it. You may not get a grade for your work these days, but in the same way that homework was the perfect exercise to acing a mid-term or final test, writing every day is the perfect exercise to mastering your craft.


Most people hate deadlines, but I actually love having one. Whether I plan out a weekly schedule or cram all of my words in an all-nighter, having a deadline can be the one leering thing that entices me to the finish line.


Oh! Be honest, you know you’ll use ALL CAPS in every status update and tweet. ‘THE END” You’ll get to change your bio and resume, as well as start working on revisions, the novel’s synopsis and summary, and querying!


I haven’t met a writer that didn’t think of another book idea while working on their current project. It’s so hard for me to write more than one story at a time. I have to stay focused. When writing, I get excited about future stories, and it motivates me to complete my WIP (work in progress).

I hope that you feel motivated now… What are you waiting for? Go Chuck-Norris-Reverse-Sidekick your book in the backside!


  1. Motivation. Definitely needed on a daily basis! There’s always a high–a plentiful bounty if you will–at the New Year which is exciting!!! But it’s the make-it-happen everyday motivation I need. Good post. I especially love all the Chuck Noris action moves!

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  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I deal with this everyday. Getting motivated after a full days work is really hard. Thanks for the tips.

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