As an imperfect human, I miss things. I miss things epically! I whiff a basketball shot, avoid the jerk cutting me off in traffic, misunderstand a conversation, forget an appointment… busy-full-calendarMissing is a part of life. If only missing were a sport, I’d be a gold medalist in the Mislympics!

Over time, I’ve learned that missing isn’t all bad. There have been times I’ve missed a phone call or someone’s meaning and I thought it was the end of the world. Every time I look back on those situations, I’m able to see the misses more objectively. They always lead me to a place I need to be. A place where I’m able to hit a home run.
Here are some ways to stay positive when you realize you’re missing it…

  • Weigh the pros and cons.
    • I tend to get frustrated when I find out I’ve double booked or I have to choose. I know I’m going to have to miss something. The best way to make sure you end up in the right place is to figure out what’s going to benefit you most.
  • Ecosystem-Author-JournalJournal about your feelings.
    • I would be twenty pounds lighter if I actually followed this advice. Instead of freaking out or having a pity party with a gallon of ice cream, grab a pen and write your heart out.
  • Support, support, support!
    • I’m not a proponent of complaining, especially on public forums. You can, however, go to your good friends and seek advice and encouragement. When I miss a shot my friends keep cheering me on. If I misunderstand, they help point me in the right direction. Support is crucial!

We aren’t able to be everything to everyone, so pick your battles and fight with all your might. If you’re where you’re supposed to be, you won’t be missing anything.