I might be lame… I hate to admit it, but I’m behind posting about #LoveWriteCreate. So, I decided to make one grand post with the last TWO Google Hangout videos. Hopefully it’s helpful to you because it’s all in one place! (See how I turned that around?!?) 😉

We are hanging out and talking about writing! Last week we each removed the biggest distraction (from writing) from our daily lives, and tonight we discuss what the results were. We also take on a new tweet challenge, thanks to Morgan!

This week we are supposed to create three tweets about our novels (or characters) to help promote our current WIP. I’ve given a few examples of my own below.

In the past, I’ve participated in Twitter parties where literary agents and editors are on the prowl for new manuscripts. Two that are very popular are #PitMad and #PitchMas. Some tweets I’ve had success with are…

A nerdy tomboy, boy-crazy BFF, & hot Latino brothers encounter a deadly villain when they descend into a curious chasm. #PitchMAS YAF

YAF Ollie & friends fall & discover a mystical underworld causing disastrous quakes. Will she save her friends or save the world? #PitchMAS

This week, the #LoveWriteCreate we discuss how summarizing our novels and characters in 140 characters is difficult, but also beneficial. Twitter makes an impact in all of our lives. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but we all agreed it is the ultimate sucker-of-time.

For our #LWCchallenge, we’ve put our willpower to the test. We HAVE to turn Twitter off whenever we write… All week long! Another week to fight off distractions!