I recently had the wonderful experience of spending the afternoon with a wonderful friend, and letting her take a plethora of pictures of me.  I will admit it was a tad bit awkward at first, but after we found the right lighting and a few interesting backgrounds we were good to go.

Stefanie Painter is a young woman that I’ve known for years now, and I’m so impressed with the passion she has for photography.  Her creativity may have been challenged by my wacky ideas, but she met every challenge and surpassed my expectations!  It is always a struggle to stand out, and ultimately I want my writing to stand out more than anything else, in a positive way.  Having a fun head shot can also help an author to stand out, whether it’s negatively or positively.

Here is a look at a few of the shots Stefanie took…

Keep in mind, I had a few ‘rules’ for Stefanie.  I don’t mean to offend anyone with my rules, especially if you smize and hug a wall in your own head shots.  I think every person getting pictures done should have a clear idea of what they like and dislike.  It is also important for them to communicate their ideas, concerns, etc. with their photographer.

1. No books in the shot. Yes, I love books.  I love reading them, writing them… Heck!  If you’re here, reading this, you know that!  Therefore, I don’t need a book in my picture to get the point across.

2. Nothing too serious.  I love writing, and I have so much fun creating new worlds and complex characters… I want people to know it’s fun!

3. No leaning against walls, like I’m a creeper, stalking my main male character. It reminds me too much of the models posing on the cover of said book.

4. No ‘smizy’ eyes!  I write about characters raising eyebrows in question, winking flirtatiously, and even tracing the familiar curl of hair at his temple with my eyes to avoid looking to his lips… All of that to say, you don’t want to see me smizing, you want to read about my characters checking each other out.

5. No outrageous editing… I don’t mind looking a few years younger, but I also love my laugh lines.  Not to be too repetitive, but I like to have fun and that’s what I plan to continue to do!

Lastly, please check out Stefanie Painter Photography on her Facebook page and give her a ‘Like’!