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Mateo Vargas

Here’s an impromptu interview with Mateo Vargas. You can read about him and his adventure with Ollie, Alexis and Jesse in the novel. Whether you’ve read the story or not, here are some quirky factoids about this teenage guy and what makes him tick.



How does it feel to be done with high school?

Amazing. I’ve never hated school, but I’ve never been very good at it either. I know it’s important, and I’m planning to go to college, but I’m just hoping to enjoy some of the Summer.

What have you been up to this Summer?

I work as a landscaper in my neighborhood, and I’m try to help out at home with my brother and sister while my parents are working. The weekends are when I get out of my normal routine, and wrangling my brother in on Friday nights is always an adventure.

What are your plans after Summer?

Community College, to start off. I’ll be living at home to save money, but hope to get into a good LandscapeEngineering program after all my core classes are taken care of.

Let’s move on to happier thoughts, and the Lightning Round:

Coke or Pepsi? Fanta

Single or Taken? Complicated

Plants or People? Are they female-people? 

Favorite Food? It’s a tie, my mom’s tamales or Babe’s fried chicken

Sports on TV or in person? TV, the traffic and drunks aren’t worth the hassle.  

Favorite Avenger? Captain America


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