Referencing Social Media and Sabbatical in the same post may get a few interesting reactions. I can already read them…


“But social media is my friend!”

“If I don’t get enough ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ no one’ll like me or share my book!”

Daily? Like, every day? No, really. EVERY day?”


I’m trying to lighten the mood with all the funny, but to be honest this is an excruciating decision I’m having to make for myself. Social Media causes mass distraction in my life. Dusting, laundry, dishes, sweeping… Writing. The list goes on and on, but is it really so bad to put these monotonous chores off for a few minutes of tweeting? Of course not. The issue is that those few minutes add up, and then something has to give.

My selfish, inquisitive, lazy, envious, competitive brain satiates itself with pretty colorful screens, friend-filled timelines, and entertaining apps galore. After a morning consumed with emails and retweets, then an afternoon liking everyone’s status and pinning yummy recipes and picture-perfect outfits, there isn’t much time left in the day for housework, work-work, or family fun. Facesuck (a.k.a. Facebook) is the main culprit in my black hole of timey-wimey, but in reality I’m not a victim.

Conviction has taken hold, and now I know I’ve got to make some changes. First, I thought a ‘cold turkey’ approach might be best for my writing. Give everything up for a specified amount of time in order to achieve a writing goal. Don’t get me wrong, I could totally see myself doing something like this for a writing weekend, but long-term isn’t going to cut it.

Social Media

Another (more feasible) option is to set parameters for myself. Everyone is different, and I believe adjustment is key. I’ve got a good idea of the time I can set aside, and if the method I come up with doesn’t work, I can make alterations and implement a new one.

To start off, I’m only checking email three times a day (morning, noon, and night). In addition, I’ll be turning off ALL social media from 9am to 2 pm. (I’ll even be deleting Twitter and Facebook from my iPhone to ensure my success.) Sounds extreme, but it’s still not enough for me to keep away from every temptation. Television is also out until 6 pm. This will give me a chance to help with he kids’ homework, vacuum, and scrub sinks. Woo hoo! (Note: Sarcasm)

I’m posting all of this for two reasons. I need accountability and maybe you do too! Whether you feel the need for a social media sabbatical one day a week, or one hour a day, I’ve got your back. Leave your goals and convictions in the comments below. Hopefully, we’ll find the time to get our stories told and encourage each other along the way.