“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Einstein

I’ve heard so many people complain, “I’m not creative.” Coming up with a crafty, cute door wreath, painting the most colorful scene, writing an elaborately woven tale, and publishing witty blog posts are often equated with creativity. Before you get too down on yourself for constantly burning yourself with the hot glue gun, I’d like to suggest that creativity is a mindset we can all share if we’re willing to have fun.

The people around me have amazing careers and work as scientists, doctors, stay-at-home moms, engineers, and professors. I don’t know about you, but some of those jobs don’t sound very fun to me. I’m thankful I get to teach English and write, but there are some days I don’t feel very creative. What’s the deal with that?

time for a-2I believe the level of creativity you reach in your work correlates with the amount of fun you’re having. To keep it real, it’s a reach to think someone could have fun every minute of every day, but if you play along there’s a chance you can be having more fun… And, feel more creative.

5 Steps to Creating Creativity in Your Writing:


1. Try writing in a new place. A new coffee shop, a park, the back patio, or a writer’s weekend can be places that bring inspiration.


2. Writing sprints with friends (in person or on Twitter). This slightly competitive, and challenging way of writing can help you break through barriers, and the loser has to buy the next round of coffee or hashtag something ridiculous.


3. Take a step away and play with a new idea. Sounds crazy, right? But, think about it. Whether you play with a new project or do some research on backstory, pulling away from your current work can give you a broad perspective and be a fun break.


4. Read something you’ve been dying to get your hands on or watch a movie that makes you feel something. Personally, I like to stay away from the feeling of horror, but anything that makes me laugh or dream of being there is a hit for me. The entertainment may just provoke feeling in your writing.


5. Laugh. It may sound simple, but laughter brings a smile to your face and it can be contagious. Creativity will bubble out of you just like the giggles you can’t get rid of.

Even if you’re not a writer, these tips can help you have fun in life as much as in your work. You’re intelligent, and your smarts need fun to enliven them and spur creativity. I can’t imagine having fun with math, but you know there are some accountants out there that love their job. My hope is to have fun writing by spicing up my daily routine and welcome the abundance of creativity as a result.