My 2013 Mode!


Definition: tilt; move wildly down path

It is my goal to be purposeful this year.  While it may look like I’m ‘moving wildly down my path’, I want to take the initiative to be more aware and thoughtful of everything I am working on.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, starting another blog can’t possibly make your life any easier!  You’re right. I am not looking for easier, I want my life to have more impact on others and that will take hard work.

We all need accountability, support, and discipline.  This new website is a way for me to implement all of these things in one place.  I also hope to interact and encourage each of you in every post and update.  Please consider ‘following’ me and/or ‘sharing’ me very carefully.  I will not always say things (video) or write things (blog) that you want to hear. But, they will probably be things I don’t want to hear either.  By setting a goal, I will be challenging myself to achieve that goal daily. You might feel challenged as well.

I look forward to this new journey filled with new struggles and new victories!  I hope you will join me for the fun!