I’m not even going to try to use horseback riding metaphors in an attempt to paint a picture of me constantly being bucked off my calendar when it comes to writing. But, I will point out that recently writing has mirrored the struggle of keeping my shoes tied. Have you ever had a day when your shoestrings repeatedly came loose, slapping the pavement and threatening to end you in a face plant?

Having the kids at home in the summer is a blast! I really love it! (For-real, for-real!) The biggest issue I deal with is the guilt I feel when I see my current manuscript’s icon neglected on my laptop’s home screen. The words cry out for me to click the document open, but instead I open my browser and set up an “education” game for the #reds to play. Well, summer is quickly coming to an end, and that means I’ve got to strap my saddle shoes on double-knot those suckers!

We all go through seasons when life threatens to trip you up. Whether you have to stop and tie your shoes or you’ve got to take a detour to the shoe store and buy new laces, getting back to the pace we were at is tough.

Here are a few steps I’m taking to secure my saddle shoes…

  1. trade-your-heroes-for-ghosts-1427709-1280x960Consistency: Practice makes perfect, right? Once of my goals this Fall is to write every day. Staying in touch with my story is crucial to having genuine characters and a plot line readers can and want to follow.
  2. Calendars: Not only do I need to make time every day to write, but I need to schedule it. It will also be crucial for me to set personal deadlines. I recently spent an afternoon setting dates for my next book release and all that goes with it (i.e. cover reveal, blog tour, teasers, etc.).
  3. Communication: I tried to find another ‘C’ word that could encapsulate accountability, and communication is not too far off. Letting my close friends in on my schedule, as well as my calendar will not only keep me accountable, but it will also relieve some guilt. If you are like me, getting away in the evening and missing out of family time or saying no to and event can weigh on you. Keeping my family and friends in the loop helps all of us help each other better.

Back in the saddle, saddle shoes, or running shoes… No matter what you’ve decided to tie up in a pretty bow, you can do it! Take control but staying consistent, keeping a calendar, and communicating clearly with the people in your life.

Good luck!