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The term deadline can sound severe in several circumstances, and after looking up its historical significance I found that it was first coined during the American Civil War. I was surprised at how literally it was used. A Confederate General described a line that Federal prisoners were not allowed to pass without threat of being killed. I prefer the use of the word deadline in the world of printing. In the early 19th century it was used to describe a line from which nothing would print properly on a printing press. Later, in the 1920s, deadline was used to express a ‘time limit’ in the newspaper industry.

I don’t know about you, but if deadlines held the same lethal connotation they did in prison camps over 200 years ago, I’d have been dead and buried by my Junior year in high school. (And, it was totally my science project partner’s fault!) The point to all of this is, do you set serious deadlines for yourself? Do you take your deadlines seriously? What are the consequences and rewards for reaching a deadline?

Let’s take this one step at a time.

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Cover (Reveal) Curiosity?

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First off, if you’d like to help me with my Cover Reveal for Descent (April 23, 2014), you can sign up here…

Now, back to the curious nature of book covers. I enjoy keeping up with the latest from the ‘Big Six’, smaller houses, indie publishers, as well as many of the self-published authors I’ve met at conventions and online. One of the most interesting trends to follow in every avenue of publishing is book covers. Whether symbolic, vague, obvious, or enchanting, I find myself either drawn in or repelled by the concept that introduces each story.

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Love. Stories.

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Who doesn’t love a good love story? We ooooo when we hear about a boy liking a girl in middle school, we awww at the couple kissing on the jumbo-tron at a sporting event, and our stomachs flip when our leading characters finally get together in our favorite books (only to be torn apart by unforeseen circumstances in the next chapter). What’s not to love?

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I want to be…

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Writing words is how I color my own life.

Last week, a group of my friends went through a weekend of The Daring Way (by Brene Brown) together. I want to take the time to write a post each week in April to reminisce and remind myself of the lessons I learned. I hope that these exercises will challenge and grow you in your personal and writing lives.

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